3 Ways To Break The Routine In The Bedroom

Do you feel that your relationship has fallen into sexual monotony ? New Fine Arts will help you to discover ways to reinvent yourself and give your relationship a new spark.

We understand that routines are not necessarily bad: they help us to keep our lives under control, to pay more attention to other tasks and give us a perception of stability. When we like something, we want to repeat to relive the same sensations, but there may come a time when the comfort zone becomes monotonous.

If you feel that your relationship is no longer the same or want to improve it, keep reading and put into practice these tips that New Fine Arts  has for you.

New experiences: it’s about you and your partner trying something new, fun, pleasurable and that gives you both a lot of pleasure and fills you with adrenaline. This is a very wide field. If you are one of those who are a little scared, start lightly. Try new things but not so daring. If you like them, you will change and try other more daring things each time. Don’t forget to talk to your partner about what she might be fantasizing  about. You can try new experiences such as role playing, BDSM, sex in public, threesomes, group sex, swinging, steamy card games, body painting, erotic massages, edging, sex without penetration, having sex in different places than usual… This is where fantasies come into play, so…. let your imagination run wild!

New positions

Trying new positions is great fun. They help us to get out of the routine and, in addition, each position can enhance our favorite practices.  Here it will depend on how you like sex, how you and your partner enjoy it the most. There are those sex positions that favor deep penetration, that provide comfort or a new position in oral sex, that facilitate anal sex, that allow external stimulation, that favor intimacy… If you take a look at the Kamasutra or watch some porn with your lover, and try a few of them, you will surely find one that will discover new sensations and become part of your sexual repertoire .

Introduce sex toys

Sex toys  can be pleasure enhancers and excellent tools for self-discovery, and when used as a couple, it makes one or both of you feel much more pleasure.  For this reason, we encourage you to try them with your partner and get out of your sexual routine. There are many types of toys, materials, shapes that depending on the taste of the couple will be much more fun and pleasurable to bring to the relationship. you can visit an adult store and you will see the wide variety of sex toys, from vibrators, for anal sex, male stimulators, to those that you can control remotely and from your mobile phone.

As you can see, including new positions, new practices and new sensations in your sexual relations helps to maintain sexual satisfaction. So, don’t sit around and say goodbye to monotony and visit New Fine Arts  to complete this mission to try new things.