A Guide to Vibrating Eggs

At New Fine Arts today we present one of the favorites to reach orgasm: The Egg.

Versatile, simple, and almost every woman has it: the vibrating egg is one of the most popular masturbators in the world of adult stores.

At New Fine Arts Dallas we want you to have options and to know about the variety of sex toys we have for you, so we are going to explain and give you some important tips on how to use vibrating eggs. We hope to show you that this sex toy can be the entrance to a new world of possibilities in the pursuit of pleasure and orgasm.

Use of Vibrating Eggs

The first time you use the egg, carefully remove it from its packaging and make sure to check the interior for any safety advice or special instructions. After that, you should wash it with a cloth dampened in warm water and mild soap.  If you have never used a vibrating egg and you are not very clear about the right way to use them, the simple answer: there is no right or wrong way. It’s all about experimenting and finding the way that best suits your tastes and gives you the best sensations. Just try using the Egg in all the other areas until you find the one that gives you the most pleasure. Above all, don’t be afraid to feel new things. You can use vibrations to generate very powerful sensations that will make you feel incredible. During foreplay, they are a good complement to oral sex or to be used instead of hands as they are small and easy to handle.

Vibration level

A good vibrating egg will come with a selection of different vibration settings, just like on your cell phone where you can choose between silent mode and multiple sound options. All these vibration speeds are for you to experience different sensations, you can lower the level if you are about to explode or make it more intense if you like to feel the strength in your body. If you have a vibrating egg and want to explore the best ways to use it, make sure you have it fully charged or with fresh batteries before you start. It’s fun, and time flies, and there’s nothing worse than an sex toy running out of battery when you’re just three seconds away from climax.


If you go beyond clitoral stimulation and start testing the egg all over your body, you’re sure to find erogenous zones you’ve never noticed before. Feel the vibrating egg around the inner thighs, perineum, anus, etc… Design the path guiding you by pleasure. And don’t forget! You can hold the vibrating egg horizontally for greater position, as well as use the rounded area at the ends for a more focused vibration.  You can also use it with your partner! One of these toys can also help stimulation or relaxation during oral sex or during an erotic massage. Many women benefit from some extra clitoral stimulation during intercourse and a vibrating egg is so compact that it can be kept in the ideal place, providing direct clitoral stimulation during penetration.

So, if you’re ready to experiment this time with an egg, don’t hesitate and visit one of our 3 New Fine Arts locations. And, if this is your first time with egg vibrators, it’s best to play it safe and use lubricant the first few times until you get the hang of it. You can find all this in our adult stores in the metroplex.