Buying a First Sex Toy

So, have you decided to buy a sex toy?. Congratulations! It was time for you to forget about taboos and give yourself the opportunity to try new things to fully enjoy your sexuality. Sex toys not only provide sexual pleasure but may also improve the intimate moments, improving the relationship with your partner. Before running to the nearest New Fine Arts Store in Dallas, these are the things you need to know about sex toys:

Know Your Body

To start considering an erotic toy for you, get to know your body, your sexual responses, your fantasies, what turns you on and what does not. Maybe touch yourself and find out which parts of your body are the most sensitive and which ones you would like to explore better.


In addition to movement, texture plays an important role when acquiring a sex toy. Look for ones that are easier to clean in order to avoid any infection. Jelly, or synthetic jelly, is a type of silicone or flexible rubber with the appearance, touch and color of the natural rubber, being one of the most used materials in erotic toys. If you are looking for a rougher material, plastic is a good option. They are usually a little noisy, but they are easy to clean since their surface does not absorb fluids.

Silicone is the safest material for vibrators. For most of the people it is completely hypoallergenic and it’s incredibly soft when in contact with the skin. It is easy to clean and allows intense vibrations; however, it is more expensive than plastic.

Finally, glass sex toys. They are very safe, easy to clean and can be used for both internal and external stimulation. They are very hard, ideal for those who like intense sensations. One of the advantages of glass is its thermal properties. You can make them colder or hotter by simply immersing them in clean water at the desired temperature.

Appearance and Size

Remember that love is born from sight, so you should evaluate all your options and make sure that the vibrator you buy meets your tastes and needs. There is everything from vibrators designed from women to women with elegant colors and lines, to those that have fun shapes and that you would never think of as a sex toy. Investing in one of these devices is investing in yourself, so … how much do you want to pamper yourself? And before you choose your first toy, remember in this case, size does matter. Make sure you feel comfortable with it and consider the benefits of acquiring one that you can take with you anywhere.


Now is the time to look at the characteristics of the product according to the area of ​​your body that you want to stimulate and the way in which you want to do it. Dildos are generally intended for vaginal and anal penetrations to stimulate the G-spot. On the other hand, a vibrator is a device that thanks to its rapid strokes, serves both internal and external massages. The small ones are perfect to stimulate the clitoris, while the vibrating eggs serve to stimulate internally. Also, some offer double stimulation both for clitoris and vaginally.

Don’t wait, shop sex toys here in Dallas. At New Fine Arts our staff can help you. They are trained, know the products perfectly and most importantly they will not judge you, so feel free to make your next purchase in one of our 3 locations in Dallas.

Live, Love, Play. Safe.