Essential Sex Toys Care

After browsing through your nearest New Fine Arts adult store in Dallas and choosing from the full arrange of categories of sex toys, relationships will surely get closer with spiced up experiences. Your sex toys work for you nicely, but are you taking good care of them? Here are some tips:

Either if you are familiar with, or just recently discovered the wonderful world of sex toys, their benefits and the infinite pleasure they can bring to you, you will also need to know how to take care of them to continue its longevity.


The first thing you have to do as soon as you acquire an erotic gadget, is to familiarize yourself with the instructions paying special attention to the washing specifications. Remember that a sex toy is your intimate companion and superficial cleaning is not enough. To keep it clean and safe requires all your care and love. Properly cleaning and maintaining your sex toys is essential for your health, as it helps prevent fungus, infections or other types of avoidable diseases. 

If missing the manufacturers instructions, the best option to clean your sex toy is simply washing it with soap and warm water. Depending on the material you could also use intimate soap for vaginal toys for example. In case of battery-operated toys consult the instructions manual because it may not be water resistant. As for anal toys, specific and antibacterial cleaners are a good option. If they are made of silicone or stainless steel without a motor, you can even boil them for 10 minutes.

In your nearest sex shop in Dallas you can find a variety of sex toy cleaners, made specifically to wash them gently, safely and effectively. These cleaners come in different presentations like wipes, sprays or gels. An antibacterial cleaner disinfects and preserves the integrity of your toy.

After using a sex toy for a quick relief or for hours of fun, you should have a routine for a thorough cleaning process. This in order to avoid potential infections or irritations due to contaminants stuck in the surface of the gadget.


The place where you keep your adult toys is very important. Each person has their own private place; however, make sure that your space has a medium temperature, neither too dry nor too humid as well as away from lint, pet hair or other source of bacteria.

All sex toys, regardless of material, must be thoroughly dried before being stored as any moisture left on the surface can attract fungus and mold. It is recommended to dry them in the open air or with a paper towel.

Always remember to store your adult toys in a good place, away from dust and any other substance that could alter the material or the useful life of the toy. It is best to keep it in a specific box for sex toys. The best option is to put it in a silk bag, the essential thing is that it gets air circulation but this is not a substitute for washing it before and after using it. 

It is not recommended to use a plastic container or lunch box as a storage container for your sex toys collection. In the long run the chemicals could seep into the toy. Furthermore, when storing your battery-operated toys and will be out of use for a while, don’t forget to take off the batteries and store them separately.

In a specialized sex shop as New Fine Arts Dallas, the experts will be able to advise you first-hand how to better preserve and clean your sex toy to extend its useful life and ensure that it continues to give you as much pleasure as since when first bought.

Live, Love, Play, Safe.