Golden Rules In Bed For A Confident Relationship

Success in an intimate relationship depends basically on 3 rules that if you combine them with all the tips we have given you in New Fine Arts  you will surely be very happy sexually speaking.

Any type of relationship requires these tips that we will give you below but in this case, we are talking about a stable relationship that you want to continue to enjoy or take the relationship to the next level.


Sex is an infinite universe of possibilities. Positions, fantasies, preferences, sex toys, and an endless number of options that do not necessarily appeal to all of us. Everyone has different beliefs, tastes and even what we like in bed may seem strange. In sex nothing is wrong or forbidden as long as you both agree. That is why it is so important to ask. If you want to involve sex toys  you can be direct with your partner and ask if he/she would also like it; or any other interests, fantasies you have. You never know and your partner will surprise you even more. The important thing is that you both enjoy it.

Be Open Minded

If your partner offers you something out of the ordinary, do not reject it just like that. If it seems a bit over the top or doesn’t appeal to you, express it in a friendly way and offer something else in exchange, something in between. You may need time, or you may find that you like him or her more than you ever thought you would. For example, if your partner may ask you to wear sexy lingerie, have anal sex  or have a threesome. If you don’t feel ready for whatever your partner’s fantasy is, don’t just say no. Try to go slowly so that you feel comfortable and enjoy it. If for example you are not ready for a threesome, you can start making love in other places, add adult toys  and lubricants. The idea is that maybe your partner is really asking you to do different things to feel refreshed.

Never Make Fun of Your Lover

We are used to seeing in movies that everything always turns out perfect in bed; but in reality, we know that this is not true. If for example your partner tries to wear a sexy lingerie  set and let’s say it doesn’t look exactly like the models in the porn movies, don’t make fun of her for any reason. Or if he dares to give you a sexy dance, never make him feel bad even if you know he doesn’t have the rhythm.

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