Health Benefits of Having Sex Everyday

Having sex is one of the most pleasurable activities that human beings can perform, but it also provides important benefits. New Fine Arts tells you the advantages of having sex for your body and mind.

Sexuality  is a central aspect of being human. It encompasses all sorts of subjects like intercourse, gender roles, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy, reproduction, and sexual orientation. Thus, sex is important, and that is also why adult stores have become very popular.

1.      Improves Immune System and Rejuvenate

Having sex has countless health benefits, and one of them is that it improves the immune system. High levels of hormones including an anti-aging chemical, produced by the body itself, seems to be the key to getting and staying healthy and looking younger. During sex, the body produces large amounts hormones, so the level of these elements in the blood increases up to 5 times its normal amount. Having a good dose of sex on a regular basis rejuvenates you and makes you feel and look younger. Sex is one of the best “sports”. 30 minutes of sexual action burns up to 100 calories. Not only this, but the different positions you can perform help you work different muscles of the body and you can also let run your imagination when you include some sex toys in your routine.

2.      Reduces Stress and Pain

It is a hormonal issue. Making love releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness. These substances are similar to analgesic effects, but also in the production of a sense of well-being, so they can help treat depression and stress. In addition to all the feel-good chemicals the brain releases, it also has a decrease in cortisol. Sex is exercise, so it is normal to feel tired after sex. However, the release of oxytocin also helps you feel sleepy. For men in particular, an orgasm reduces activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is important for getting a good night’s sleep. An Oorgasm can inhibit the emission of neurotransmitters responsible for pain from the spinal cord, so they do not reach the brain to activate the pain signal, in addition to releasing endorphins. Sexual climax works as a natural painkiller.

3.      Increase your Self-esteem

Having sex makes you feel much better about yourself and is basic for us to feel that others value and appreciate us. Feeling desired, experiencing pleasure and provoking pleasure in a partner strengthen our self-concept and help us to be more self-confident. When we feel secure in an intimate relationship, we can experiment more liberally, both for the benefit of our own pleasure and shared pleasure. That’s what sexual self-esteem  is all about, feeling comfy with our bodies and the experiences we have through them and enjoying it with your lover.

4.      Increases Intimacy and Libido

Oxytocin, known as the love hormone, is released during sex. It is associated with increased feelings of trust and empathy – which is a key part of maintaining intimate relationships. If you feel more connected to your partner, your desire for sex – known as libido – may increase. A stronger libido and intimacy with another person can provide the support needed to keep you mentally and physically well. Just as we express our culinary tastes when we start to get to know our partner, we can also discuss our sexual tastes and seek to be a team for both of us to enjoy.

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Live, Love, Play, Safe