How to Improve an Erection

For men, one of the most common concerns is to maintain a good level of physical, mental, and above all, sexual performance. At New Fine Arts you will find enhancements that can help you in the best way when the moment comes.

Men, it is likely that you or your partner want to know how to improve your erection . This time, we want you to better understand how an erection works and how and which supplements can help you achieve stronger, longer lasting erections. 

First, the basics:


The mechanism of erection does not start directly with blood rushing to the penis but has its beginning in the brain. Mental stimulation will activate all the biochemical, hormonal and nervous processes that cause the blood supply to the penis. In a simple way we could say that an erection occurs when an increased blood flow enters the corpus cavernous of the penis after a sexual stimulus


It is no secret that living a healthy lifestyle has a positive influence on your erections: eating nutritious and regular meals, sleeping 8 hours a day, performing physical activity at least 3 times a week, etc. All those habits can help erections to improve significantly. But there are also some extra helpers  in the form of accessories and natural supplements that will help to have stronger erections, either before a sexual encounter or as training to enhance natural erections.


Vacuum pumps  are designed to achieve a more intense erection, increasing the overall size of the penis. After inserting the penis, this gadget creates a vacuum effect around it by working as a pump and extracting the remaining air inside it. The result is a larger erection. These pumps can be an occasional complement or be part of a more specific training to achieve lasting results over time.


Hydro pump is a special type of pump within the suction pumps. Their operation is somewhat more complex than with air-operated vacuum pumps, but their results are very satisfactory. Hydro pumps generate vacuum pressure using water, generating a continuous stretching of the penile tissues and achieving a stronger erection.


Cock Rings  are erotic accessories designed to maintain an erection longer and amplify the sensation. They are devices usually made of silicone or metal that are placed at the base of the penis exerting a slight pressure. By using them, the blood supply of the natural erection is maintained in the corpora cavernosa of the penis for a longer period of time. There are different models of rings to add additional stimulation to the experience, like the ones with and the ones without vibration. If you want to know everything that the rings can do for you, we recommend you take a look at one of or  locations.


Enhancement creams have vasodilator properties to help increase the blood flow naturally to the penile area. Their effects are noticeable within minutes and can help improve and enhance erections at specific times.

Remember that if the quality of your erections has been continuously diminished, it is recommended to talk to your healthcare provider to check if everything is working as it should. Enhancing your erection is in your hands, especially if you know the causes. If you are interested in any products to enhance your intimate moments, come and visit the best adult store in Dallas: New Fine Arts.