Sex Swing: Guide To Use

If you want to give your relationship a spice up  and try something new but very out of the ordinary and routine; today New Fine Arts  brings you something that only if you are a little daring, you will want to use: Sex Swing.

We know that for sexuality there are thousands of options but not all of them are for all people since everything depends on tastes, fantasies and how much you dare to try new things and positions.

What is sex swing?

Today we will be specifically talking about the Sex Swing, which as its name suggests is an accessory in the form of a swing and placed in a specific way that can help you to try sexual positions out of the ordinary since you or your partner will be in the air. The sex swings are a mechanism based on ropes that make one of the members (or both) stay in the air while creating different sexual positions. On top of the sex swing, you can use many Bondage toys  to make everything more entertaining if you dare to enjoy this way with your lover.

Choose the right one

As most sex toys in the market there are many options to choose from depending on the material, use, and in this case how far you want to hang it is important.

There are some swings that are stable, others that you can take off and put on, etc.

When acquiring your new  sex toy , you should be aware of one very important point: if you want it ceiling or door mountable. To make this decision, think if you are going to use it very often or if instead it is your first time experimenting, the best option would be to buy a door one. When deciding to have a ceiling sex swing, remember that it hangs directly on the ceiling so you will need to make a hole to hang it. If you decide to have a door one, it does not need any additional installation as it is mounted on the door by means of a strap system.

Before you buy one, we recommend that you read the specifications, so you won’t get any surprises.

Tips for using a sex swing

As we mentioned before, it is important that you read the specifications and instructions necessary for its installation, as well to know the maximum weight, material, how to maintain and clean it after use, etc. The important thing is that you do not cause damage to you, your partner, or your property. If needed, you can hire a handyman to make sure the installation is done right.

Go slowly. If it’s something new to you, it may not seem so easy at first. It’s a matter of practice and a lot of communication with your partner. Between the two of you, you will discover which is your favorite position that makes you both enjoy the most. It’s time to explore with new and pleasurable sexual positions.

Don’t forget to clean it and store it properly so you can use it many more times.

So, it’s time for you to visit one of the 3 New Fine Arts locations  in Dallas and choose your favorite sex swing. Don’t forget to ask our staff any questions you may have about this or any of our products.