Sexy Foreplay Ideas

When exploring our sexuality with our partner, it is common to first have that excitement of foreplaying as a way to reach climax, but what about the details? We will share the tips to improve foreplay and have better connection and orgasms. The subject of foreplay could be endless. For now, let’s say it simply consists of preparing the environment to align everything you need and enjoy.

Sexy Messages

Nothing will cause more emotion than talking about what we want to do or receive later, so your lover should send you text messages that show how much he wants you, do not hesitate to respond, let his imagination fly, or you start the sexy conversation.


If you are the one who has put on a show for him before, why not reverse the roles? That your partner strives to have fun in every way will be a great experience. Yes, take things calmly and maybe let your partner take off your clothes slowly, with tenderness and love. For every piece of clothing, take the opportunity to caress, kiss, whisper things in the ear … Add sexy lingerie to spice up the intercourse.

 A good massage

Ladies, let your partner slide his hands between your legs, far and wide, feeling his hands gently running over your skin will raise the temperature. It is important that you let him go through every corner of your body. Let’s admit it, seeing his effort, it will encourage you to return the favor. Don’t forget to include candles, relaxing music and of course a great essential oil to elevate all the sensations to the maximum.


Nobody likes to go straight to intercourse, the best thing is to enjoy the moment, letting us be ourselves. Relaxing will allow us the pleasure to come at the best moment and with great intensity. Although it is good to express to the couple how we feel or how much we are enjoying the moment, talking a lot could ruin the moment. It is better to pay attention to how we are feeling, and that will be the best indication to know that we are doing well. Gentlemen, it is best to start by stimulating the lips, the nearby area and gradually reaching the clitoris. You have to provoke your partner; both can spend time enjoying each other’s body.

Don’t forget about the kisses

A sexual relationship will always be much more intimate if there are kisses involved, so do not skimp on kisses and caresses. In particular, women fall exhausted with a good kiss, so if you think something is distracting your partner, a sensual deep kiss is the best strategy to recover your footing in the scene.

Extra tip: a small reward

Feel empowered, take the initiative, and have your partner make an additional effort to please you. Ladies, leave behind the myth that men should initiate foreplaying and intercourse, express yourselves welcoming your desires and express them to your partner with action, they are worth exploring.

Live, Love, Play Safe!.