Sexy Lingerie Options for This Valentine’s Day

It is normal that for Valentine’s Day you want to surprise your partner. Thinking about a super romantic dinner?, what about a new experience about something he or she likes while wearing something delightful for both of you? Lingerie will always be one of the best tool to leave your lover in awe. At New Fine Arts Dallas you will find a huge inventory for everyone’s taste.

Take note of what you can wear this Valentine’s Day!

Lace & Transparencies

One way to spice up your intimate garments is to add transparencies while wearing lingerie. The details get showcased: delicate, feminine, and sexy. Thus, the best option for this Valentine’s Day. In the same way, look for sensual and daring silhouettes. 

It’s the perfect way to rock a super sexy outfit. While you can see through the transparency, the lace holds a bit of mystery. Choose cuts that you would not use every day and add the sexy statement for the special night

With so many options, you can combine lace and transparencies visiting New Fine Arts Dallas today. 

Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are one of the intimate garments that you cannot leave out of your closet this Valentine’s Day. Show your partner your femenine curves, he will go crazy if he sees you wearing one that special day. Look for one with a semitransparent or lace design, you will be the sexiest.


For women who have a low waist, or some love handles, a corset with or without a bra included is perfect, as it will mark your waist and make you feel more curvy when pronouncing and lifting your butt.

If you have a small breast it is recommended that the corset already includes the bra, look for one with a push-up to make you look more voluptuous. On the contrary, if you have a large bust, wear one that matches your size and that only accentuates the midline of your body.


Garters make you look sensual in an intimate setting and many couples use them as part of their fetish adventures. You can include it in your outfit and at the end of your Valentine’s Day date, delight your partner with that sexy look. Remember that it is an intimate garment that any man would like their lover wearing it.


There is no garment more sensual than a thong. Leave little to the imagination and it will surely drive your partner crazy just by wearing it. Leave aside fears and insecurities, go for it, there are thousands of designs and ways to make you feel comfortable and safe wearing it. If you want to dare or get a dare from your partner, why not wearing panties with a hidden vibrating bullet? It will discreetly provide powerful vibrations and the great thing is that you can find it an adult store like New Fine Arts Dallas.

Remember to choose something that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and yourself! You can pick sexy red, mysterious black, ingenious white or love in blue according to your personality. Visit New Fine Arts Dallas to check out all the options we have.