The Best Erotic Massage

Erotic massage or sensual massage is the use of massage techniques by one person on the body of another, paying special attention to the erogenous zones in order to give pleasure and / or increase their sexual stimulation. The use of aromatic oils, the creation of a special atmosphere and the knowledge of what your partner likes, can be an ideal combination for an erotic massage session. Find out how to create an extraordinary experience.

Plan Ahead of Time

Correct lighting, and a welcoming and quiet ambiance will help setting the mood. Make sure to use warm linings for relaxation. Flowers, especially roses, give off a special, intimate, romantic vibe. And the final touch: the music; prepare a continuous playlist with soft or relaxing music that sets the mood for your moment.

If you want to opt for a massage full of sensations, you can try oils. Aphrodisiac oils are those which help to increase sexual desire and are becoming very popular, since they are a perfect complement to an erotic session. The use of these products, whether applied to the skin or as aromatherapy stimulate pleasure senses while improving the mood for the moment of intimacy. 

At an adult store you will find options for your desires. 

How to do it

When it comes to massaging, take your time starting from minimum to a full body touch managing the expectation of your partner. Make sure, not to put cold hands on the back and not to pour the massage oil directly onto the body. It is best to spread it at a temperature that does not cause spasms. Similarly, clothing must be very comfortable, look for garments that do not squeeze any part of your body thus reducing blood circulation or a sense of discomfort that may affect the mood. Do not forget to have soft towels within reach at all times. Having all within reach facilitates to be focused in your erotic massage instead of having to go out looking for something, breaking the atmosphere.

Due to busy and stressful days, there are areas of your partner’s body that may be tense and a pleasant touch would be greatly appreciated. Then, discover the places that your partner likes while paying attention to breathing and stop in the places that you notice the most sensitivity.


 A good erotic massage is not only an art, it also has many benefits for the couple. Increase intimacy, connection and knowledge of the other person’s body and also of your own. It reduces anxiety, stress, improves mood, breathing and increases desire.  

Also, if you complement massage with oils, you will see that some are useful to improve circulation, hydrate the skin and release the tensions, all of which interfere with the quality of sex. Some studies highlight that various types of essential oils can have aphrodisiac properties when inhaled before or during intimacy. In specific terms, they could help stimulate erections in men and orgasms in women.

Whether you are the one who gives or receives the massage, you must relax and open yourself to an experience of sensory discovery with full connection with your partner.

Live, Love, Play, Safe.