Tips For Sex Toys Care

No matter how often you use your sex toys, they require some special care and even more if you want them to perform at their best and last longer, so Adults At Play   brings you these helpful tips.

You must know that the care of adult toys is extremely important, it is for better and longer lasting and above all for your health . It also depends on the type of toy, material, and use, so pay attention when cleaning and taking care of your best friend.

Why cleaning is so important

The golden rule is: “If you are going to play, you have to wash it first”. Use a specific product or neutral soap and water. And remember If a toy is specifically used, for example, an anal plug, it is better not to use it in other parts of the body. The bacteria in each area are unique, if you move them from one place to another, they get along quite badly. It’s about taking care of your health. We can’t ruin the fun just because we don’t take the necessary care and hygiene with our own sex toys . And another super important thing: toys are never lent. We know that you can use them as a couple but never lend or share them with another person.

Basic care

First, check if your toy is waterproof. Before using any toy, we recommend that you read all instructions for use and care. When you finish using your toys, it is recommended that you clean them as soon as possible, this can be done with wet wipes. After this, when you take a break, it is time to really clean it.  If you don’t have a specific product for your toys, which you can buy in adult stores as well, neutral soap is your best option. And to dry it, the best way is outdoors, obviously taking care that there is no dust nearby.

If your toy is not waterproof, you must be very careful and take the necessary precautions not to ruin it. If it uses batteries, remove them before cleaning. Look for a specific cleaner in New Fine Arts, easy to carry and use to make the process easier.

We know that lubricants  are also part of the fun, but if you are going to use toys and lubricants at the same time you should know that not all toys are suitable for all lubricants, the material is the important thing to check; that’s why we remind you once again to read the instructions before using your toy.

Extra tip

-no pun intended.

The place where you store your sex toys is also super important. look for a clean place free of dust or bacteria and humidity. this could ruin your fun. if you can get some velvet bags or boxes or well woven fabric it would be even better as this will protect your precious treasures even more.

If you have any other questions about the care of your adult toys, do not hesitate to visit any of the New Fine Arts stores , our staff will be happy to help you and principally with the discretion you deserve. You can also see the large inventory of toys, lubricants and products for the care of all your toys.