Drive Him Crazy With a Penis Massage

A good penis massage can improve erection and make sexual intercourse  more satisfying. You don’t need to be an expert, just there are some important facts to note.

Penis massage is a good way to break the sexual routine and increase eroticism as a couple, because it forces us to have a very intimate moment that will surely end in a satisfying and intense sexual relationship.

An erotic massage  is always a good ally for a good sex session, and  if you are looking to please and make your man enjoy the most, this is the best time to give him a special massage.

Here are some tips for you to put them into practice and make your relationship more pleasant, close and enjoy special intimate moments.

How To Do It

To increase the pleasure and make him enjoy every moment, It is ideal to start very gently, remembering that the penis is very sensitive, so, to start you can do the classic up and down movement, slowly, using the palms of the hands to go down and making a slight pressure with the thumb when going up. Always do it carefully but safely. Applying a little pressure on specific areas of the penis can make a big difference, making circular or spiral motions with your thumb, slowly moving up and down to explore the entire penis. It is recommended that, when going down, we do it gently, while going up we apply a little more pressure, especially at the tip, to increase the blood supply in the area and, therefore, the erection .


Use Lubricant: there are many types of lubricants , one of the best recommendations is  that you use edible water-based lubricants. Here you can even choose the flavor of your preference. Apply a little on your hands, smell its exquisite aroma, and straight to your partner’s virile member.

Male remote vibrators: these incredible allies will help to wake him up. So, you can more easily achieve a full erection, while you prepare for those massages that will make him moan with pleasure. At New Fine Arts, an adult store , you will find options according to your and your partner’s preference

Male sex toys: They are designed to stimulate the penis and the anatomy and needs of men. Eggs, vibrating rings and masturbators, there are different material, size, etc. that you’ll want to take a look together first, visit an adult store Dallas and see our wide collection of sex toys for men.

Remember that no matter what type of massage you perform, the important thing is to increase the complicity with your partner and expand the variety of techniques in your sexual repertoire. In addition to adding toys, sexy lingerie  , lubricants and many other novelties you can find at any of the three New Fine Arts locations in Dallas.