Tasty CBD Candies and Treats

Nearly 64% of U.S. adults are familiar with CBD products in some capacity. In recent years, CBD has turned into a fast-growing market that helps so many people.

But what is CBD? CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabidiol. This means that it comes from the cannabis plant, where THC is also found, but it doesn’t have the same effects as THC.

And, because the market is growing for CBD, it’s started to take on new and fun forms. CBD candies and treats are now all the rage among adults who utilize the benefits CBD has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning about these benefits and the different types of CBD candies and treats, then this article is for you. Read on to learn all about the latest CBD goodies!

Benefits of CBD

CBD has the potential to truly change your life. Let’s discuss a few of its benefits before diving into the different types of CBD edibles.

Reduces Anxiety

This is the number one reason that most people choose to utilize CBD. While THC is psychoactive and can cause side effects like paranoia, CBD contains the part of the cannabis plant that mellows you out.

Enhances Social Interactions

Studies have shown that CBD can make social interactions more enjoyable. Because CBD helps reduce stress, it allows you to relax when you’re around others.

This comes in handy if you work in a profession that relies heavily on interpersonal skills. Or, it can help you feel more comfortable around your everyday friends.

The interactions are enhanced because when you relax, you’re more likely to open up and establish stronger connections with those around you.

Pain Relief

In a general sense, CBD can help relieve physical pain as well as mental pain. This could be the case if you experience chronic pain in any part of your body like headaches, muscle pain, arthritis, etc.

More specifically, it has also become a prime contestant in many cancer studies because it’s a non-psychoactive way to relieve pain in cancer patients.

Improves Your Sex Life

There’s even a chemical link between sexual orgasms and CBD. The idea is that when your body is able to relax easier, then reaching your climax is more intimate and achievable.

Better Sleep

Everyone’s had the experience of lying in bed at night while thoughts swirl around in your head nonstop. CBD helps to push those thoughts away when it’s time to hit the sheets.


If you’re someone who struggles with acne and scarring, CBD might be the answer for you. It’s been proven to help maintain clear skin.

This relationship to skincare has to do with both stress reduction and a chemical balance that is good for your skin.

Difference Between CBD Edibles and CBD Vapes

It’s important to know what you’re getting when you choose a CBD edible over a CBD vape. Essentially, vapes are more concentrated than edibles.

A CBD vape product would take effect rather quickly and last for a shorter amount of time. The effects of CBD edibles spread throughout your body gradually and last for much longer.

Types of CBD Candies

Now, CBD in candy form is a lot of fun. It’s easy to bring these candies on the go and take them when you need them. Here’s a list of a few types of CBD candies that you should be on the lookout for!


You can’t go wrong with CBD gummies. They come in so many different flavors that you’ll always find the right pallet for your mood. Plus, the chewy nature of gummies acts as a form of oral fixation, which promotes stress relief, too.


CBD lollipops are a blast from the past. They take longer to ingest, so the CBD doesn’t take effect as quickly as it does with other CBD candies. However, the enjoyment of sucking on a lollipop makes up for this slight delay.


Chocolate, as an entity separate from CBD, is already proven to heighten your serotonin levels. When you add CBD to the mix, it’s even better. Enjoy CBD chocolate with your morning coffee or as a midnight snack before bed.

Types of CBD Treats

CBD treats are a little bit more substantial than CBD candies. These usually take the form of a baked good. If you have a larger sweet tooth, then these are for you!


There’s nothing quite like a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie. But, your CBD cookie doesn’t have to be chocolate chip. You can find them in an array of flavors: snickerdoodle, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, etc.


You’ve almost certainly heard of a weed brownie before. Well, CBD brownies are all the fun without the THC. They taste delicious and gradually chill you out.

And, like all CBD products, you won’t fail a drug test after enjoying a CBD brownie.


Cupcakes are another fun version of a CBD treat. Perhaps it’s your birthday or another special occasion. These can be a great addition to any celebration in order to ensure that you’re relaxed for the festivities.

Find the Best CBD Candies and Treats on the Market

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