Erotic Turn Ons Through Smells and Flavors

At New Fine Arts we know how important senses are to relationships. One of the most stimulated during sex is the smell, that’s why we offer a vast catalog to have the most pleasant sex encounter.  

We unconsciously associate aromas with people, situations, and foods. It is its suggestive power that makes this sense so special because, when we recognize an aroma, it awakens remembrances stored in our memory. If we dislike it, on the contrary, it will not awaken our desire, being a survival reflex.

 Smell  is one of the most used senses in relationships. A calling card that invites us to approach or escape someone. The perfumery and cosmetics industry knows this very well, as do marketing experts. They use exclusive fragrances for specific establishments or arousing desire for certain products. Something similar happens in the erotic sphere. The aroma of the skin and the taste of kisses play a basic role in activating desire. That’s why when you visit an adult store in Dallas, you will find a great variety of articles with different smells and flavors.

In Fact, we humans are the ones who use artificial perfumes, not only to hide our natural aromas, but also to enhance and enjoy even more the senses and include new notes to our relationships and escape from the monotony including sex toys found in Dallas.


The choice of a fragrance when developing a collection of erotic cosmetics is a complex process, especially because smell is one of the most important senses in terms of sexuality and attraction.

Several factors determine the choice of one scent over another. The use of food-grade scents, in the kissable range, is indispensable for them to be truly delicious. Let’s keep in mind that smell and taste go hand in hand. The adult industry transforms every massage, every kiss, every moment of intimacy into a unique experience; as when you visit one of our 3 locations of New Fine Arts Dallas. 


As for smells or flavors, fruits and sweets, such as the classic strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, are a reference and remain among the best sellers for their commented aphrodisiac association. Although the greatest aphrodisiac is the brain, it is true that different models of related eroticism have been shown throughout history.  There are others that imitate alcoholic beverages, such as mojito or daiquiri, increasingly gaining prominence. For an indisputable erotic pairing: strawberries with champagne.

Among edible body paints, dark chocolate stands out; also, among incense and massage candles, you can get essentials for creating ambience like passion fruit or red fruits.

In the case of  lubricants , at New Fine Arts there is a great variety. Innovation and experimentation in this area are a great tool when it comes to seduction. Fruity like banana, cherry, melon and mango, or sweet like maple delight, cloud or marshmallow, surprise and are widely consumed.


Currently, the most exotic fusions are triumphing. Within our reach are “lip glosses for vibrant kisses, with such original flavors as cherry and intimate vibrators with heat effect. Stimulating  creams  are also a trend.

At New Fine Arts Dallas you will find a wide variety of products to stimulate your senses, from candles, flavored lubricants and condoms to edible massage oils, and even sexy edible undies.

Live. Love. Play, Safe!