Kegel Balls for Better Orgasms

Surely you have heard about the Kegel balls. At New Fine Arts we tell you everything you should know before trying them.

We can start by saying what they are. The Chinese balls or Kegel Balls  are a device normally formed by one or two balls, joined by a cord, and serve to give strength to the pelvic floor. Here are the benefits if you dare to use them and of course you can find them at New Fine Arts Dallas.

Improved Health and Pleasure

Chinese balls can help you gain better control of the pelvic muscle. This has a direct impact on overcoming incontinence problems. As with Kegel exercises, they will increase your ability to tighten your vaginal muscles. This will serve you during sexual intercourse, directly increasing the pleasure of your partner and yourself. Chinese balls are also used by many women after childbirth to help in the process of rehabilitation and contraction of the pelvic musculature distended during childbirth. The use of Chinese balls increases natural lubrication of the vagina.

Improved Orgasms

When it comes to sex, Kegel exercises  make the vagina feel tighter and can help improve the intensity of orgasm. Pelvic floor muscles are vital when it comes to orgasm. They are responsible for the pleasurable contractions felt in the genitals when orgasm occurs. When the pelvic floor muscles are healthy, orgasms are more intense and last longer; having difficulty reaching orgasms may be caused by weak pelvic floor muscles. By exercising these muscles there will be an increment in the blood flow to the pelvic region, which increases sexual arousal, lubrication, and the ability to reach orgasm.

Contributes to overall fitness

Sedentary lifestyles, spending many hours sitting during the day, injuries and pregnancy can cause physical problems in your body in several ways. Prolonged sitting can lead to a general loss of muscle tone. Performing Kegel exercises with Chinese balls helps to change the sedentary habit as they require walking to be effective. In addition to this, taking long walks is a good aerobic exercise  that brings multiple benefits to your body both physically and psychologically.

Extra tips

You should know that the Chinese balls will never get lost inside your body, in fact the vast majority of models incorporate a handle-shaped strip for easy removal. At an adult store Dallas you will find a vast selection.

Quality – because poor quality sex toys break down quickly and are often imitations of other quality models, we recommend you choose the best quality possible. Good quality Chinese balls are made of PC ABS/Silicone or elastomers, free of phthalate, a substance harmful to our health. At New Fine Arts Dallas we can help you find the one that best fits your needs.

Cleanliness – Chinese balls with non-porous surfaces guarantee better cleanliness than porous surfaces. Medical grade silicone or 100% hypoallergenic non-porous ABS plastics can be boiled for better sterilization. Please note that Chinese balls with deep grooves along their body may be more difficult to clean .

Lubricant – it is also very important to choose a suitable lubricant , which is not made out from petroleum. Use silicone lubricants if the material of your Chinese balls is also made of silicone, as other types of lubricant will wear down your Chinese balls quickly. For other materials, it is best to use water-based lubricants. 

Visit New Fine Arts Dallas and get your Kegel Balls to start your pelvic floor exercises.