Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you are looking for sexy options to have a Valentine’s Day loaded with sensuality, at New Fine Arts Dallas you will find something special to accomplish your mission successfully.

Valentine’s Day is coming: The International Day of Love. And there are many scenes and activities that can be done with your lover. But if you want to be daring, here are some ideas to have an unforgettable Valentines’ Day.

1. “Fifty Shades of Grey” style

If you became a fan of Christian Grey and would like to surprise your partner this special day, there are a series of items you can find at an adult store in Dallas for this and recreate the scene you want Let’s start with a hot playlist,  then you can follow with masks or blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, sexy lingerie, clamps and even vibrating panties. Don’t forget to aromatize the place, a good wine and dim lighting.

2. Hot lingerie

A sensual revealing garments like lingerie are always great to ignite the spirits and give an erotic touch to a special moment, so choose a set that makes you feel comfortable and sensual. It could be a good way to crown this special date.

3. Extra lubrication

Intimate lubricants are products that serve to have a better sexual encounter.

Thinking about your partner, take your time and choose the type of lubricants that better suit you both since there are people who have extra sensitive skin. For them, there are special products, some protecting the intimate skin, being compatible with the condom and in addition to being able to be used under water, ideal for use to make a passionate encounter in the shower, tub, jacuzzi or pool.

4. Role play

Another way to make this celebration unforgettable is to integrate new spices into your sexual life, such as role play, which basically consists of using your imagination a lot, giving free lead to fantasies and pretending to be someone else in your life, maybe a sexual encounter with a “stranger”.

And a good idea to spice it up more would be using a sexy costume that can turn on our partner: beautiful genius, nurse, sexy formula 1 girl, etc., you can choose who you want to be. You can even add a wig. Find the perfect accessories at New Fine Arts Dallas.

 5. Try a new sex toy

In sex you always have to innovate so as not to fall into the routine and one way to successfully achieve this is by adding erotic toys.  

Perhaps one of the most sought-after erotic toys in Dallas are the vibrating toys. Especially since it has been established that the clitoris is very sensitive to vibrations, so it will be highly pleasurable for her. There are many types of vibrators, including some that are very practical, discreet and easy to use among many other alternatives. Visit one of our three locations of New Fine Arts Dallas and you will find tons of options to make this night unforgettable. Always helpful and discreet, our staff is ready and happy to help you.!