Guide for a Feminine Masturbation

At New Fine Arts Dallas we want you to know your body, stay healthy, explore your erogenous zones and feel safe while finding satisfaction.

If you have never masturbated or have done it a few times and you are not very convinced that you are doing it right, do not worry or feel bad, many women struggle to discover the best form of self pleasure and, for that reason, sometimes they come to think that masturbation “is not for them.” That’s why today New Fine Arts Dallas shared with you our practical guide for autoeroticism -a delicious and inspiring practice.

  1. Prepare the Environment

Preparing the environment involves many things. Remember that the act of masturbation is not just touching you to come, it is an act of self-love and self-care. Therefore, it is important that in preparing the atmosphere you include things that you like and make you feel good: a bath in a tub, relaxed music that puts you in the mood, a soft light that transmits calm, some incense or diffuser that fill the room with a scent that you love. Remember that you can find all these extra items at one of our three locations of New Fine Arts Dallas.

  1. Lie Back and Relax

Again, we remind you that this is not just about coming, but about enjoying the whole experience. So, don’t just take off your pants, get completely naked and lay back on your bed. Before you even start touching yourself, give yourself a few minutes to focus on your breathing: close your eyes and take several deep breaths, oxygenation will make you more receptive to physical pleasure.

  1. Touch Your Whole Body

Much of the success of a masturbation session resides in the self-foreplay. Just as when you are with your partner, foreplay is essential for you to have better orgasms, also in autoeroticism you must gradually build excitement. So, the first thing you are going to do is caress yourself completely without touching genitals: your thighs, your hips, your belly, your arms, your neck, etc. Really feel and enjoy your whole body..

  1. Get Close to the Genital Area

Once you feel that you are enjoying the touch of your body more and more, when you feel comfortable begin to approach your vulva. Keep going slowly, start cuddling your barrier going down to your buttocks and gradually walk towards the lips, the perineum, the vaginal area. Close your eyes so that you can better concentrate on each of the sensations that you are causing in yourself.

  1. Work Vulva and Clitoris

You will feel how you get excited and lubricated  more and more. So, the moment you feel ready, go straight to the clitoris but never forget its surroundings, as it is very satisfying to stimulate the  clitoris along with vaginal lips. Experiment with different movements of clitoral stimulation: in circles, in an arc over the cap, doing figure eights around it, gently pinching, etc. Only then will you discover which movements satisfy you the most.

  1. Explore Your Interior

Remember that the clitoris can also be stimulated from the inside and, as each woman is different, there are women who reach orgasm easier with pure external stimulation and others who also need internal stimulation. You have to try to find out what you like best! So put your index and middle fingers in, bend them up and start stimulating what was previously known as the G-spot.

As you will see, the key to everything lies in: go little by little and experience everything that comes to mind; You may not love some things, but you will surely discover others that will blow your mind. And, finally, that is what sex is about (alone or as a couple), about trying and exploring to find what you like and that takes you to orgasm . You can add some fun using  sex toys that can find at an adult store in Dallas. 

Live, Love, Play, Safe!